Our majestic venue, Coats Paisley, is a former Gothic Renaissance church which now stands as one of Scotland’s most unique and exciting all-purpose event spaces. With all the charm and grandeur of centuries past, Coasts Paisley is a truly breathtaking building that is perfect for weddings, graduations, special events and birthday parties.

Although the building is deeply historical, we have worked hard to modernize it so that the event space is accommodating and inclusive for all. Same-sex couples are very welcome to hold wedding ceremonies in the building and we have added a series of ramps and disabled access points to ensure everyone who comes to Coats Paisley feels welcome and included.

Coats Paisley is without doubt one of the most stunning buildings can may be rented in the whole of the UK. Find us just outside of Glasgow, in the charming city of Paisley.


Here you can find some pictures of Coats Paisley to give you a better idea of the space, grounds and location. You’ll find images of both the interior and exterior to get a feel for the impressive architecture and immaculate level of detail that is present throughout the former church.

The space is extremely versatile and open to all types of events. Plan a business meeting or event in one of our various conference spaces, orgnaise your dream wedding in the exquisitely restored nave of the former church, or book a modest festival in our renovated ballroom and grounds.

Coats Paisley offers the perfect rental spot and event space for any occasion and is conveniently located in the heart of Paisley and is just a short 15-minute drive from Glasgow. Get in touch to enquire about booking your next event.