Coats Paisley Venue is a stunning location; its buildings and property contain so much history and have long been a staple of the local area. With a range of unique features, a distinct look, and now a provider of versatile hosting options, you will not find another location like it. Perfect for filming, weddings and corporate events, Coats Paisley Venue can accommodate a variety of functions and events and makes for an unforgettable time for all those who attend.

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What is Gothic Revival

Gothic Revival, or Neo-Gothic, is a style that became widespread during the Middle Ages, eventually coming to rival the classic style of architecture that was so prevalent in the latter half of the 18th century.

As an extension of the Gothic style, and an attempt to bring back its characteristics, Gothic Revival touched upon everything from architecture to literature and can be found across Scotland and Europe.

Typically used for church and collegiate architecture, the Gothic Revival style was popularised by English playwright Horace Walpole and his home at Strawberry Hill.

Across the 18th and 19th century, the style continued to spread and, over time, became the basis for a long list of Architectural approaches, such as Carpenter Gothic, Tudor Gothic and Victorian Gothic.

May iconic structures across the UK were constructed or take inspiration from the Gothic Revival style, such as:

  • Exeter College Chapel in Oxford
  • Scott Monument in Edinburgh
  • Scarisbrick Hall, Lancashire
  • The University of Glasgow in Glasgow
  • The Houses of Parliament and The Palace of Westminster in London
  • Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church in Paisley

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Characterised by an emphasis on verticality, highly decorative and ambitious styles, Gothic Revival architecture is often constructed with:

  • Pointed arches and windows
  • An irregular appearance
  • A variety of materials
  • Rich colours and decoration
  • Rib vaults
  • Window tracery
  • Pinnacles and spires

What makes Coats Paisley unique?

No other location in Scotland can match Coats Paisley. With everything that makes Gothic Revival such a beloved style and more, our venue will leave guests and hosts alike in awe.

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We also have our famous Coats gargoyles watching over the venue, and any events being held, a sight to behold by themselves.

Gargoyle - Dragon 1
Gargoyle - Dragon 2
Gargoyle - Dragon 3